Key Features

  • Hard alloys rolling ability with 6-Hi CVC plus cold rolling mill
  • ABB stressometer and hot edge spray for better flatness
  • Reduced thickness deviation with feed-forward control
  • Environmental friendly process with air purification system

ASAŞ cold rolling mill is the first 6-Hi aluminium rolling mill in Turkey and one of the only few invested in Europe during last 15 years. Continuous variable crown (CVC) and intermediate/work roll bending systems introduced to the 6-Hi mill makes it possible to roll hard alloys (5000, 6000 and 7000 series). The mill is also equipped with stressometer and hot-edge spray in order to serve best quality in terms of international flatness norms.

The only cold rolling operation in Turkey with 6 Hi CVC setup

Reduced thickness deviation of flat products is fundamental of customer satis-faction. Both precise thickness measurement and feed-forward thickness control (entry/exit thickness measurement) systems in the rolling mill are great features of the line which satisfy customer demands. We can even achieve lower than half of what European norms indicates.
ASAŞ eliminates losses of rolling oil at production by using patented Dry Strip and Airwash system and also exhaust air is washed & cleaned during this process.
By investing exhaust air purification system (AIRWASH) on cold rolling mill, ASAŞ proves its commitment to the environment and sustainability.