Key Features

  • From 25mm to 2.200mm width
  • Thickness range of 0,2mm to 4,5mm
  • Delicate surface quality
  • Burr free edges
  • High production speed
  • Perfect cutting and slitting accuracy

Having state of the art slitting lines and cut-to-length line, we are able to produce coils from 25mm to 2.200mm in width and sheets from 500mm to 12.000mm in length for a thickness range of 0,2 to 4,5mm. With these core competencies, ASAŞ has the widest product range among the all flat aluminium producers in Turkey.

Most delicate surface with the help of patented briddle systems

Not only the production range but also auxiliary equipments to shearing lines are carefully selected in order to obtain highest quality and efficiency.

Slitting lines, with patented belt bridle unit, are able to make 50 cuts at an operative speed of 600m/min with delicate surface. Burr free edges what market is looking for is obtained with ultra-precision slitting tools on the line.

By combining our great knowledge and the latest technology, we do always satisfy current market expectations.