Key Features

  • 26 tons cast coils
  • 2.250mm casting width
  • X-Ray profile scanner
  • Intensive care for liquid metal
  • with electromagnetic stirrer
  • Deep bed filter for molten metal quality

Besides having one of the widest continuous strip casters in Europe, ASAŞ cast house is equipped with the most advanced technologies in order to serve international market requirements. All casters are equipped with patented metal feeding system which provides a uniform flow and temperature control during casting to ensure crucial mechanical and physical properties of final products.

One of the widest casting lines outfitted with the most advanced technologies

X-Ray profile scanner, patented roll cooling system and position/pressure hydraulic screwdown system provide better gap and cross profile stability during casting process. Thus, best cast coils in terms of flatness and thickness are supplied to the market.

Last but not least, ASAŞ has invested in all available auxiliary equipments for production lines such as electromagnetic stirrers, deep bed filters in series with ceramic foam filters, furnace charging and skimming machines in order to maximize the molten metal quality. This intensive care for molten metal will be fundamental for foil rolling mill to produce down to 0,005mm thin foils.