Key Features

  • Innovation culture
  • Process excellence
  • Respect for people
  • On place in time quality
  • Voice of the customers
  • Development with suppliers


Supporting every one of our business lines is a robust set of six Core Working Principles. These are Quality Management, Technical Support, Customer Care, Health & Safety, Environmental Sensitivity and Positive Work Environment.

These working principles are designed to benefit our clients, protect our employees and ensure the wellbeing of the communities we touch.


At ASAŞ, we are diligent in identifying, evaluating and eliminating every possible risk at all stages of our production process. We do this by planning precautions and their implementation, running practical training initiatives and maintaining the continuous development of our OHSAS best practices.


The aim of the ASAŞ Environmental Management System (A-EMS) is Zero Environmental Impact. To achieve this we take a number of practical steps that include the selection of alternative materials with less environmental impact, the maximum use of recycled materials, the minimal use of packaging, the removal of wastewater and the management of all hazardous emissions.