Key Features

  • Widest and fastest foil mill in the world
  • Superior flatness with variable crown roll and hot edge spray system
  • Sustainable production with air purification system
  • Ability to roll down to 6 micron

ASAŞ foil rolling mill is the widest and one of the fastest foil rolling mill in the world. Thanks to variable crown roll (VCR), flatness measuring roll, work roll bending system and hot edge spray system which gives us great apportunity a unique ability to roll widest foil ever produced.

One of the most environmental friendly foil rolling operation in the world

High precision x-ray gauge measurement and back-up roll eccentricity control running in the mill allow to reduce thickness deviation to satisfy market demands (e.g; brazing and mechanical heat exchanger applications, custom slit unclad aluminium foils for mechanically joint or brazing applications).

Same as in cold rolling mill, we have also invested exhaust air purification system AIRPURE on our aluminium foil rolling mill in order to reduce carbon footprint at our plant.

With these technical abilities, process know-how and environmental sensitivity; ASAŞ turns ideas into solutions for wide range of market needs and creates value for customers.