Key Features

  • Widest foil separating and slitting in the world
  • From 25mm to 2.150mm width
  • Thickness range of 0.005mm to 0.3mm
  • Online pinhole detection

With state of the art heavy gauge slitting line and separator, we are able to produce from 25mm up to 2.100mm wide and from 0,005 to 0,3mm thick coils.

One of the widest foil finishing operation in the world

We are capable to slit bright/matte foils up to outer diameter of 1.200mm and bright/bright ones up to outer diameter of 1.850mm. With these unigue features, ASAŞ has the widest product range among the all aluminium foil producers.

In order to serve flexible packaging industry with highest quality in terms of barrier effect, our production lines are equipped with quality inspection systems such as roll mark detector and pinhole detector.

ASAŞ ensures high quality narrow strips and/or large coils at maximum productivity levels with perfect precision.

With these technical abilities, we supply aluminium foils to;

  • Rigid/Semi-rigid flexible food and liquid packaging
  • Lid foils
  • Closures
  • Tobacco foil products.

Foil Product Specifications

Alloy: AA 1xxx/3xxx/5xxx/7xxx/8xxx

Temper: 0/H12/H14/H18/H19/H22/H24/H26/H28

 Inner Diameter: 76/150/152/300/400mm

Thickness Range


Outer Diameter



max. 1.200mm - B/M

max. 1.850mm - B/B

 * Dimensional tolerances according to EN 485-4. Narrower tolerances upon request

* Thickness and width combinations to be determined by customer request.

* Plain surface, free from impurities.

* Surface quality according to EN 14121.